SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANCY SERCIVES (SCS) is an expert platform that produces creative solutions in participation with stakeholders to calculate economic, social and environmental risks by creating right management and business models with comprehensive approach to attain sustainable development and stability.


About Us

SCS believes in the power of a participatory business plan. Hence, we can develop creative projects when we collaborate with our business partners and stakeholders to improve environmental and social performance standards.

SCS’s vision is to make the world better place by encouraging all the stakeholders to deliver sustainable transformation and human-centered solutions that are easy to implement while being significantly influential.

Our Services

What We Do

SCS presents a variety of services to provide stakeholders with solutions tailored to their needs in a participatory and creative manner. SCS has an established presence in the international community and an extensive network with government entities, NGOs, universities, local authorities, and other organizations all around the world. SCS is a part of a large international family that cooperates with numerous stakeholders and delivers services in a wide range of sectors. 

Currently, SCS takes role in the implementation of four different EU funded Projects in Türkiye for which International Consulting Expertise EEIG was awarded for. In these projects, our main focus is not only to offer services in our areas of expertise but also to construct a sustainable and responsible environment in which both stakeholders and beneficiaries as well as the environment and society benefit the most. 

SCS offers solutions in a wide range of areas which includes but are not limited to the following areas:

Financial and administrative management for the EU and internationally funded technical assistance projects

Designing and executing plans for institutional capacity development

Developing monitoring and evaluation as well as impact assessment reports for projects

Preparation of environmental, social, human resources and occupational health and safety management plans in line with EBRD PR and IFC PS requirements

Provision of consultancy support on all EBRD PR requirements to private companies to obtain loans and sustain their compliance during the utilization of loans

Establishment and implementation of compliance mechanisms in projects and provision of necessary training to the staff

Human rights due diligence

Corporate social responsibility trainings and reporting

Social and environmental impact assessment

SCS believes the fruitful cooperation with the stakeholder to reach authentic solutions for the task at hand. SCS offers creative strategies which centres human and environment in a sustainable and responsible way.

Where We Stand


In order to help people of all ages to obtain the skills for the future of work, SCS works to build safe learning environments. This includes providing disadvantaged groups with access to education, vocational training, research, and development, as well as encouraging their independence. Beyond doubt, we offer the skills to adapt to the future transformation of works, workplaces and workers.

SCS benefits from global education frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Future of Education and Skills 2030, to link our projects to the more comprehensive and holistic development agenda. Moreover, we have a strong team to find solutions to the challenges of the future.

SCS ensures the right to education for all groups.

SCS offers a training opportunity that provides knowledge, skills and work habits related to a specific profession in business life and enables integration into the business world and development of personality.

SCS promotes all activities aimed at improving the knowledge, skills and competences of the individual throughout his/her life, individually or collectively.

SCS works directly towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.

SCS helps young people develop a variety of skills and competencies outside of the conventional educational curriculum, SCS encourages organized, structured programs and processes of personal and social education.

SCS supports opportunities for work experience and training in fundamental skills that can assist young people get ready for the workforce and ease the transition from education to employment.


Communication is the key of being visible, known and reaching out to the right audience. Analysing the relevant sector, targets and needs; defining a comprehensive communication strategy and taking the right steps at the right time not only helps to achieve successful and long-term communication between relevant stakeholders but also allows businesses to consolidate in and integrate into their economic sectors. Raising awareness in the target audience by using all communication channels is one of the biggest factors in having a sustainable and influential reputation. 

As SCS, together with our competent and experienced experts and project managers in the projects, we present the messages to be conveyed throughout the communication chain in the most accurate, most effective and most practical ways. In order to disseminate and further enhance the positive outputs and achievements, communication, visibility or publicity at the beginning and ending stages or during the implementation phase of any project are one of the many aspects that SCS gives importance to while carrying out projects.

Implementation of visibility practices and developing visibility materials are an area that SCS attaches great importance to create an impact on target audiences, both for current projects and future works.

With its team of experts in the media sector, SCS create a strong image on conventional and new media tools to promote relevant activities.

With its team of experts highly competent in event management, SCS successfully carries out a variety of activities with its practical organizational strategy. SCS guarantees a smooth and seamless event management experience that will be influential for all stakeholders and targeted audiences.

To promote understanding by the general public and target audiences about the purpose and principles of the project, SCS prioritize creating promotional materials that are useful and memorable.


Nowadays governance is often associated with the govern of a State; however, in our age of accelerations and age of change it covers much more than that. As our world is in a constant stance of change, our approach to governance of states, non-state actors, and international organizations matters more. Trends all around the world focusing even more and more to improve the quality of governance and institutions to increase the efficiency and achieve a better system of things. United Nations along with the democratic nations, focusing developing e-governance, improving social dialogue, struggle against corruption, increasing the human rights and human rights in business even more as the governance now represent them as well. Therefore, corporate governance also becomes an essential part of any business in the international or national market. This ensures to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial, and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success.

With the increasing usage of AI and expansion of the internet, many of the governance activities move on to the internet world. It will have utmost importance for years to come.

Democracies increasingly become more representative, and definition of perfect democracy is in debate in democratic countries. To achieve better democracy, social dialogue between social groups and state actors is necessary. For a better world and governance system, therefore, a solid social dialogue environment is a necessary component.

Corruption decreases the efficiency of governance and poisons society as well as the state. Tackling corruption is an important goal of democratic countries and international organizations. As our democracies are becoming more representative, tackling corruption has a unique place among them to have a healthy democracy and society.

Although human rights are designed as fundamental rights in UN Charter, many underdeveloped and developing countries still lack the basic human rights such as right to believe, access to health and equality and so on. Regardless, it is one of the most important components in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and focusing on improving human rights is quite important for humanity to achieve.

Despite the abolishment of slavery and betterment of the working conditions throughout the decades, many in the world still work in bad conditions, in low salary and experience workplace abuses. Therefore, focusing on improving and protecting human rights in business places has utmost importance for the good of the world.

Another important topic within the Governance is the governance of corporates. Some corporates in the world are bigger, wealthier, and influential then some states which creates many areas of social responsibility intervention for them. This reality puts governance into a different perspective. Rather than understanding governance solely with the State, one needs to work on the governance of corporates as well. Conducting improvements on corporate management system as well as providing technical and legal consultancy to corporates will be increasingly important topics in the future.


SCS’s main vision is to contribute and to lead the global efforts to solve environmental problems such as pollution, global warming, and climate change. To achieve this vision, SCS utilizes a multidisciplinary approach and addresses the complex environmental problems of our time and beyond. SCS’s multidisciplinary approach also contributes to the preservation of ecological balance by providing an essential understanding of environmental systems and processes. EU Green Deal Policy stands as the key framework of our endeavor in this area.

SCS’s environmental services are focused but not limited to below fields:

Adapting to climate change requires intensive action to prepare for and adjust to both the current effects of climate change the predicted impacts in the future. To this end, SCS prepare and reviews strategic plans, assesses the environmental impact of governments’ and businesses’ actions and delivers due diligence studies.

With its multidisciplinary staff and participatory approach, SCS evaluates the likely environmental impacts of proposed projects or developmental initiatives, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse. SCS integrates environmental considerations into policies, plans and programmes and evaluates the inter-linkages with economic and social considerations.

SCS provides technical assistance for central, regional and local governments to develop urban mobility plans that involve smart and green transportation systems.

SCS assists industries to balance and decrease their carbon footprint to align with their legislation. Water and Carbon Footprint Measurement is one of the key competencies of SCS to support businesses to operate in line with national and international standards and to prepare for the standards of tomorrow.  SCS supports exporters to analyze and take action for ensuring seamless trade lines in compliance with the standards of the importing country.


Agriculture has a critical part in the entire life of any economy. As SCS, we comprehend that agriculture plays chiefly role in economy as well as it is considered to be the backbone of economic system for developing countries. In addition to providing food and raw material, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to a great percentage of the population. SCS’s main vision is to be part of global transformation of agriculture from traditional methods to futuristic technologies.

The successful agriprenur needs to be determined in the face of challenges, open to creative thinking and innovative ideas and work smartly to find marketing opportunities. SCS helps and supports agripreneurship initiatives throughout the journey by providing the best assistance for possible challenges.

SCS volunteers for the delivery of the message that underlines the importance of food security. Through assisting locals with sustainable management and using local natural resources through soil conservation, SCS aims to create a deeper understanding of food security.

With the help of its wide expert pool, SCS wants to help creating a fair standard of living for the agricultural Community. To secure availability of supplies and to provide consumers with food at reasonable prices, SCS offers the best guidance with its deeper understanding about the importance of an agricultural common market.

SCS believes in the central role of Urban Agriculture role in the future of agriculture. Especially, Vertical Farming is considered as a game changer in agriculture by SCS. Aiming to be more efficient and reliable and produce more food per square foot than traditional farms, urban farming can reduce transportation costs, help reduce runoff associated with heavy rainfall, and lead to better air quality.